Morden Community Clinic on a ‘break’

Hi all!

So it’s official, the coffeshop where we were offering community shiatsu in Morden is closing down and as a result, Monthly Shiatsu at Community Rates will be on a break for now (if you know of a potential location, please get in touch).

We started this project at the begining of 2017, and must have offered something like 500 low-cost shiatsu sessions. It was really great to see you all, regular folks and new comers, to share a moment of healing every month.

So thank you to all of you who ever came, to the team of Crown House Creative who let us use their space and a warm hug to my partners in crime Fernando ShiatsushiMario de Sousa, David, and of course Jean-philippe Guichard who truly did a great job at organising & advertising these events.

Now. It’s the end of an adventure but not of affordable shiatsu in London! I will start offering a few affordable slots each week in North London in order to keep this option open to all. Watch this space for deets soon